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Moonie's Home-made Gravy
Recipe supplied by: Chris McGirr

Information about person or recipe: Chris, like me, was born in Bourke. He was born on 31 December 1961. We were great mates from the age of 5 years old. I loved this bloke like a brother! Chris died on 16 December 2016, and I still get upset thinking about it. Our lives are never the same when we loose a good mate. They are like family, no one, or thing can replace them.
On the bright side, Chris loved his tucker. Like me, he could graze all day when the food is made tasty!!!
Chris was a good cook and thankfully he parted with a few recipes to help build his mate's web site. Some from his family and one from him. He reckoned I made shit gravy ... har ... probably why he reckoned I needed his gravy recipe!

Recipe listed by: Mark Hul

Left over fat from cooked meat
Raw sugar
Plain flour
Salt and pepper for seasoning
BBQ sauce
Holbrooks (hot) sauce
Powdered garlic or garlic granules (optional)
Small quantity of fat left in pan after cooking meat (empty some, leaving enough for gravy mixture)
Sprinkle sugar into pan and mix with fat
Cook, stirring until sugar has dissolved
Sprinkle plain flour, salt and pepper (and any other flavours you might like eg powdered garlic etc), to pan
Add BBQ sauce and Holbrook (hot) sauce (this will help ensure it’s the colour of gravy if there isn’t a lot of browned contents in pan plus great flavour)
Gradually add water and whisk to ensure no lumps in gravy
To serve
Serve with roast meat, steak, chops, sausages, rissoles etc ...

Moonie's Home-made Gravy

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Recipe Uploaded: 28.02.2017
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