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Welcome to cooking.com.au

Australia really is the lucky country when it comes to food.
Our creativity in cooking mixed with an incredibly wide variety of exciting fresh local produce, have become the envy of the world.

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Italian Biscotti ( Almond Biscuits )
Créme Patisserie ( Vanilla Custard )

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Medical Cuisine ( Vitamins & MineralS )

Our bodies require certain vitamins and minerals to function properly and stay healthy. To view what minerals and vitamins are in our food, please visit our vitamins and minerals page.
Cuisine & Culture

Australian culture has been forged around cuisine of all nations. It all started about 40,000 to 60,000 years or so ago. Aboriginal people had a very unique culture and they feasted on some very tasty foods. Their dream time stories told around camp fires, are thankfully still alive and with us today.
The next people to live in Australia were the english accompanied by convicts from English and Welsh backgrounds ( 70% English, 24% Irish. 5% Scottish )
Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 165,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government .
What food did the convicts eat?
Male convicts were allowed a ration of meat per day (1lb of salt pork, beef or mutton) and 1 to 2lb per day of flour or cornmeal to make damper. If there were lucky the meat they received would be fresh but it was usually far from it. The convicts were also supplied with some tea and sugar and usually managed to buy tobacco and rum. Female convicts were given two-thirds of what the male convicts received.
The convicts didn't receive and fresh fruit or vegetables, but those convicts who were lucky enough to receive a good posting were allowed to grow their fruit and vegetables on a small plot of land.
These days Australia is the second most multicultural nation in the world, tied with Switzerland behind table-leader Luxembourg.
In the 2011 Census, Australians reported around 300 different ancestries.
The second most multicultural nation in the world, has been translated by us, to mean ... lots of different flavours and foods!!!
To read more please visit our cuisine and culture page.
What's Cooking

Our news page.
Our focus is finding and sharing information about cooking. ( the people, the food, industries and technologies )
Who's Cooking

Looking at who's cooking in your region.
List your restaurant, cafe or takeaway outlet and let the public discover your cook and / or your cooking experience. ( with reviews )



Australian wine is know all over the world, we have established a reputation for quality wine ... to be continued
Farmers & Produce

Australian farmers produce almost 93 percent of Australia's daily domestic food supply. Each Australian farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people, 150 at home and 450 overseas.
There are approximately 135,997 farm businesses in Australia, 99 percent of which are family owned and operated. Australian farmers own, manage and care for 61 percent of the Australian land mass.
As of 2010-11, there are 307,000 people employed in Australian agriculture. The complete agricultural supply chain, including the affiliated food and fibre industries, provide over 1.6 million jobs to the Australian economy.
To be continued ....
Quality Meats

Our meat section.
Our focus is finding and sharing information about meat.

Featuring information about food preparation, cooking techniques, ingredients, people and industries
Spring and Mineral waters

Water for the soul, refreash your inner being.
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